Wildewood covering George Jones’ “Must Have Been Out of Our Minds”


In support of The Handsome Family:

Saturday, April 25 San Francisco, CA at The Chapel

Tuesday, April 28 Arcata, CA at The Playhouse

Wednesday, April 29 Cottage Grove, OR at Axe & Fiddle

Thursday, April 30 Portland, OR at The Doug Fir

Friday, May 1 Seattle at The Triple Door

Saturday, May 2 Bellingham, WA at Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

Back in Albuquerque:

Saturday, May 9 Wedding

☆May 15-17 Road to Rich’s☆

Wednesday, May 20 Marble Brewery (Downtown) 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Friday, June 5 Low Spirits w/ The Zuni Mtn Boys

Saturday, June 27 Yannis Lounge 7:30 – 10:30 PM

Friday, July 24 Low Spirits w/ Cactus Tractor and Sister Sweet

Wildewood performing “My Home”

Wildewood covering John Eric Johnson’s “Stateline”

Boris McCutcheon, Susan Holmes, Greg Williams and Alexander McMahon, “Kathleen” (Townes Van Zandt)

15 thoughts on “Events

  1. Taos Mesa Brewing is a great spot, they got a dance floor, and an amazing sound engineer, You’re gonna love it!
    Plus good beer and food!!

  2. The North 4th St. show’s dance-party, mosh pit, slow jam, groove fest, Ian Curtis work it out congo line waltz was genuine and lovely. Congrats to everyone involved. Best show I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. Hi,Wildewood.Please stay in touch and after new years see what i can do…All my best-billy sedlmayr “billy.sed@gmail.com”

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  9. What time are you playing at Tortuga Art Gallery today (2/28/15)? There’s nothing on Tortuga’s website about any events today (that I can see). I’ll brave the snow-packed roads for some good music.

  10. BTW, I left my previous reply at 9:16 AM, ABQ local time; the website’s time is defaulting to universal coordinated time, which is correct, but I’m still having my morning Kup o’ Kona…

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