Any day now…

The first several weeks of 2013 have been great for Wildewood. We’ve been able to play a few shows but most of all, we’ve been recording tracks for our first full album which will be released in February/March. It’s been incredible but has also reminded us how much we love playing live. There are 13 tracks in the making, all original and all new– for the recorded world, at least.

In addition to the full album, we’re excited for what’s to come (any day now): our first show outside of Albuquerque/Santa Fe area which will be at the Taos Mesa Brewing Co. , collaborating with artists such as Kate Burn, photographer, and Richard Perce, mixed media, playing with our fellow musicians including Russell Pyle & The Safety Committee, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, The Saltine Ramblers, Sean Lucy & Family, Next Three Miles, and more. It’s a blessing to live in Albuquerque where the music scene is alive and growing.

Thank you to those who listen to our songs, come to shows, or just give us a nice hello.