Telemasters of The Universe

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering what Telecasters Meredith and I are playing, or how Greg gets those custom drum sizes, look no further; actually, just look a little further…


Telemasters of the Universe A community of Telecaster geeks in the heart of Albuquerque




I love Albuquerque in the spring time…

Despite allergies and heat waves in April, there are a lot of great things happening in Albuquerque this spring. The Lemon Moon Project has finally been uploaded to bandcamp and plans for Session #2 are in the works. Wildewood is playing at the Cactus Tractor CD release this Saturday at Sister along with AJ Woods. We are back to Il Vicino Brewery on April 22- a place we know and love. Todd Howell from The Palace Flophouse sat in with us on fiddle at La Cumbre last weekend (he’s a great player, guys!). Our second full album is on it’s way as well. Alex wrote an article for Pyragraph about the process. Thanks for keeping up with everything, see you around town.