Last night we played the first of four shows this week. We play a lot in Albuquerque but this is more than usual. A few things struck me during the set at Marble: despite the weather, cold and windy and unrelenting, there were people outside listening to us for our whole three hour set. I know Marble’s great beer could have been the main reason everyone was keeping warm but the fact remains that I was more motivated to play and sing my best because of the company we were in. Those people, you know who you are, ranged from old friends who have listened before Wildewood was even a band, co-workers, and folks we have met simply because we played a show in the past few years and made a connection. I was overwhelmed with the view from the stage knowing that our past four years as a band, and really the past ten years of pursuing music on our own, has brought us this far. Thank you for showing up and reinforcing our hard work.


Four local shows in five days is a lot but it’s what we love to do. Here’s to another three hour set tonight at Scalo…




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