PNW #2: Day Nine (again, yesterday)


The Green Frog was a good way to end the six show tour. We were all slightly delirious and exhausted but that made the set strange and carefree.

Wish us luck on our way back home…


2 thoughts on “PNW #2: Day Nine (again, yesterday)

  1. We saw you at the Green Frog, and it was great! We were so happy to find out you were opening for the Handsome Family. You sang a cover of a song that had lyrics “Leaves shaking’ off the trees.” I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and I don’t remember who it was a cover of. If you could let me know, it would be appreciated. I can’t wait to find your album.

    1. Hi Jill! I am so glad you liked that song. It is at the top of our list for the next song to record. It’s called “Crack in the Sky” by John Eric Johnson who was a well-loved Albuquerque songwriter.

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