Wildewood: Daytrotter Session

Daytrotter Session from August 2015

              Daytrotter Session from August 2015: Click HERE to listen.


Midwest Tour Recap

The Mountain Dojo (Kick-off Show)
The Mountain Dojo (Kick-off Show) photo by Jesse Littlebird
The Mountain Dojo (Kick-off Show) photo by Jesse Littlebird

It was harder than I thought to write and update while we were on the road but 9 days, 7 shows, and 3,000 miles later we arrived home to Albuquerque with a self-booked tour under our belt. I have never been more excited and exhausted. Alex had car trouble in Iowa City, we camped in a field of cows, we played a few sets to nearly empty rooms and in the end, it was the best experience I’ve ever had. There were friends and family that helped us along the way with both setting up the shows and giving us places to stay and to them I am eternally grateful. My favorite part about showing up to a new city were the familiar faces of folks I haven’t seen in a long time but knew we were headed to their town and took the time to come see us. Next time around, we’ll plan ahead a little more than a month and I’ll be slightly more organized. But not too much more because everything seemed to work itself out whether I was stressed about it or not. It’s great to see things fall into place.

So, we’ve seen a little of the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest and next up, the south. Our friends from the once-Albuquerque band Three String Bale now The Palm and the Cypress are helping us set up a show in Tennessee and we’re basing the rest of the tour from there. I can’t wait to see what happens next. All I know is there is new music on the way and a lot more of America to see.


Northfield, MN at the Contented Cow
Northfield, MN at the Contented Cow