Sophomore Album: The Other Side

One Against Three
I’ve got a mind full of everything that I’ve done wrong
and I’ve got a mouth full of songs but I won’t be singing for long
I read the story of war and it was written in reverse
I know it’s not what we’re living but it sure is what I prefer
‘cause who I was is so much braver than who I am
and what I’ve done is nowhere near what I had planned
If I remain a lonesome woman I won’t let anyone down
and I can fine tune that broken hollow lonesome sound
but for now I’ll take a walk only to retrace every step
for my legs are tired but they haven’t stopped working yet
and who I was is so much braver than who I am
and what I’ve done is nowhere near what I had planned
‘cause I’ve been looking at the world through a lense
and I’ve been dwelling on the day I will lose all my friends
When I cross that threshold into eternity
I can’t help but think it will be one against three
So I’ll stop talking and I’ll listen to the wind
and when I’m feeling unkind I’ll learn to take one on the chin
with this mind full of everything that I’ve done wrong
and this mouth full of songs that won’t be singing for long

And I Fell
I am standing inches away from your face and when I yell you can hear me
but if I was a tree alone in the woods and I fell would you hear me
Would you light the way to my screams
or double back if you tracked your way from the stream to a flowing river
The river is wide and I would hide from it if I were you
The water is high and I would drown if I tried to swim on through to you
When you walk through my open door would you take off your shoes
So you do not bring muddy stains to the floor of the house where I grew
and lay me down on the bed of my youth
and stroke my brow to find out what to say to slow my heart to a peaceful rhythm
The river is wide and you did not hide from it did you
The water is high and instead of drown you swam right on through to me
I am not about to let you go ‘cause something told me you would come when I needed you most

Didn’t Know
You didn’t know, didn’t notice me drifting away
I wasn’t calling out I had nothing to say to you
and as the river bent you went out of view
so I turned my head to see what was now ahead of me
You see it’s not as simple as it seems
There are reasons why I asked you to hold on – why didn’t you hold on
and out of the words you said I wonder what was true
but when we shared a bed even lies rang through in beauty

Don’t Fall for Me
Don’t fall for me, I’d rather see a star tumble free and land far away
from the footsteps I’m leaving behind me
and far away from the crooks that were stealing everything
They took all they wanted but I’d just as soon hand over my heart
Strip the tree until there’s no more bark and underneath stands our will
to live once we lost what we thought we needed
and our will to give even when no one’s promising anything
They say my soul is haunted but I’d just as soon hand over my heart
No one’s gonna leave you unless you didn’t leave your light on
You’ve gotta get away before that getaway car is gone

The Other Side
Caught up in a web of fire, strung out on the thinnest wire
You had me then let me go, pulled me in fast and tossed my slow
But now I’m on the other side where they told me I could find
A permanent place out of harm’s way
and the moon sings every night, songs of heartache songs of strife
I try but I don’t understand here with my man
They don’t know what they have lost, their memory is completely gone
It’s now my cross to bear, and it’s heavy but I don’t care
‘cause now they’re on the other side and I told them they could find
A permanent place out of harm’s way
and I sing to them each night, songs of heartache songs of strife
Although they’ll never understand what’s in my hands
Now I watch them wander and I watch them reach
for the one’s they never learned how to love
They tested my patience as I tried to teach
them to listen for my guidance from above
But their ears weren’t open and their eyes were closed
They could have saved themselves from stumbling
in misery and woe
but I just couldn’t take it, watching their foolishness grow
Anyone who deceives their love so easily deserves to be alone
And I made it so

Lofi Reprise
I only see you in a lemon moon all alone, cloudy mirrors and dirty window panes
They hide the lines in your face
We’ll be alone for a little while, you’ll forget my name
The slice of moon is stale and tired, my night’s and dream’s a sterile white
Moonlight falls with expectation, you choose pain over me
Now all we share is a lemon moon, I won’t lead on yours is mine
I only see you in familiar gloom, singing streetlamp blues
There’s a bite in your charm, the lonely night, fluorescent warmth
Yours shines brighter than you know, off blue-eyed trials
Shadeless lamp and a dance floor sky, your shadow haunts me tonight
It’s ideal to flood the night, broken hearts lose their twine
Now all we share is a lemon moon, when I dream yours is mine
Her Body
You stole your sweet love’s body from her grave late last night in the grove
and you walked away slowly ‘cause you believed that you and your love were alone
Now I’m wondering what her poor dad might think if I did tell
‘cause I had a nice view up on the hill and where you’re headed I know very well
and forgive me if I’m wrong but it seems this man, he thinks that lovers like you belong in hell
Now there is one thing that might grant you mercy but I doubt that you’ll agree
As the one who has laid your love in her grave I think her body belongs to me

See It Like It Is
Tell me that lately you see it like it is and you know just what you’ve done
I’ve run out of any confidence that there is only one
You’d rather be lonely than guilty
Light up enough cigarettes to kill all of your desire
Fires light up a few times until there’s nothing to admire
You’re covered in ashes and you’re wilting
They called you the light, they said you could shine
They could only hope to be so bright
That’s still how it looks until you get closer

Left Alone
I’m walking out, not staying here, it seems this house settled too near
and I still see the snow covered in red and I don’t know if I’ll forget that
What would happen if I held you so close before I go
All the horror we have dealt with would surely be left alone
A chosen few must face the worst, but even less are truly cursed
and the blood that still ran warm it was enough to break my form down to nothing
What would happen if I came back a taller stronger man
All the prayers that you have laid down might lead to a larger plan

Big Red Arrow
Wine bottles crashing on the floor one by one, in slow motion they fall
Tables turned over they’re covering the holes kicked in the door that let in the sun
A low hum from the broken light burning out down the hall
Every left turn is a possible collision and every dollar I earn grants me one more year in this prison
I’ve got a row of beautiful glasses that I can throw against the brick
but sometimes they won’t shatter and sometimes beauty sticks around


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