Self-titled Album

A Good Spot
There was never the time to reorganize my mind
And there are rolls we’re assigned to but you’ve got a different kind
If all of the swimming holes are filled with piles of gold yell, “Hey put the water back I don’t care ’bout none of that!”
I tried to explain myself, love of God and fear of Hell, but it depends on what you have and what you have been looking at
There was never a reason to follow someone new
My attempts have been treason ’cause I’m in love with you
If I saw you in a crowd, don’t know if I’d pick you out. Maybe in a record store, a place where 2 and 2 aint 4
You seem to understand I’m just a girl you’re just a man and it don’t matter if we’re poor, one another we adore
And there has always been one thing I want before I die
To find me a good spot for my bones to lie
I want a good spot (and there aren’t a lot, let’s see what you’ve got)

Come Down
Put down your swords, don’t you know you must have a cause before you could ever find a solution?
Just stop keeping score, don’t you know you’re fighting with gods and they will delight in your destruction?
[Come down, come down and get back on your feet
Would you keep those battles tucked away, out of sight and out of reach?
You lost soul now found, what is it that you seek?
Would you keep those battles tucked away, out of sight and out of reach?]
And knock on my door but don’t be fooled by all of these locks ’cause they’re only here for my protection
All these good days are for picking flowers and skipping rocks and in my home good days happen so often

There’s a diamond in my hand, would you like to see it?
I’ll let you touch but you can’t keep it
I spent too much time getting it in my possession
So I can’t share it for too long, I hope you’ll understand
[That I am cursed holding this beautiful thing and now I’m scared someone will take it from me
But no I’m blessed, I’ll just say I am blessed]
With this diamond no one sees unless I show them
I could control what they were thinking
But lately a fire in their eyes has started raging
And I am praying somebody will know what to do
We all know diamonds are just for show and we’ve all heard how far that madness can go

Heart and Crown

I wish night were dark enough to miss the names of familiar streets
Dead end roads would all stand still, dusk shadow lying east
Loneliness is musical sadness, we’re closest to the ones we’ll never have
Loving someone for who they are, longing for something more than ours
[The longest nights follow the lines of shaded faces
Like accidental rivers through unknown graces
And sometimes I dream of leaving town when I lose sight of heart and crown
Interstate no sorrow found]
The wheel’s dead in your hands it’s 3AM you’re driving home
An infomercial’s hollow glow the motion lights say you’re alone
And I give up when you don’t call further from grace your love will fall
You can cover the horizon and never beat the desert sun

Keep My Distance
Just caught my face starting at me in the mirror and I did not look so kindly upon myself
The circles underneath my eyes are like crescent moons bringing up the question of “What is your wealth?”
[If I can not help myself I’ll surely wander out of this desert and hope for rain
And I will keep my distance from those reflecting pools, I heard they made you go insane]
Start my day with a coffee and I’ll pack my bags, no longer holding tight to the old ways
With my face now set on a trail I might have time but I’ll only measure it in the good days

Let Those Hearts Loose
When did you last use your love for good and how many hearts have you stowed away
If you haven’t given them back you know you should because the night is less forgiving than the day
And you owe those hearts a home where they can breathe
Nobody’s asking for your help but you hate lying in an empty bed
How often are you gonna tell yourself to believe the lies you started in your head
You don’t have to stoop so low to find some sleep
But that loneliness is creeping and those hearts they sure aint breathing
And you’re nowhere close to dreaming
I know that it is easy to forget that what you touch is just as real as you
But no one’s stowed away your own heart yet and it’s your job to let those poor, poor hearts loose

Man of Misery
Told myself to wake on up and then I opened my eyes and sighed
It’s the same hour of night that I closed them tightly
Somehow my feet they reach the floor somehow my hand opens the door
And the blinds are pushed aside so the moonlight can shine through
And this reminds me of a face that rarely brings me sleep
[Man of misery I will find him in the hills
Should my prospects be ever buried in my will
Only time will tell me when and how and why I’m searching]
When I hear a distant train or see the mesa under a clouded sky
It gets me thinking of his life if he has felt pain like mine
Patience is not a word I know and every failed attempt it hurts me more
But when the rain taps on the roof it seems that God is being kind
And this reminds me of a place that tends to bring me peace

Did I lose your love? Did I overstay my welcome?
And was the wind beckoning me home? Was it the wind that had me swinging from your rope?
Did you cut me down? Well I forgot to pray as I hit the ground.
While the wind was beckoning me home. Was it the wind that had me swinging from your rope?
Did you leave behind any clues for me to find or was it someone else you had in mind?
Several Things
There are several things I’d like to say and there are several ways that I’m too far
And it’d be less than enough to dial you up but then is there a right way to say I’m sorry, hardly
[I just keep on believing in the past I have made up, I’m hurting people just to learn about love
If I said I was better for the paths I have trod on, would that justify all I have done?]
The photos remain the only proof but they could never explain who we are
And once I struggled to give up the hidden truth I took what was in frame and I ripped it apart
Darling, I can’t call you darling anymore
And now the thought of infinitely paying the price for the selfish way that I have thrown down my dice
It terrifies me to no end with several things I have never said
And I wish you had given me one more chance to reclaim my palm’s place against your hand

Song of the Valley
Way down from the hilltops my love came wandering by
He never once looked up, only three times he sang the song of the valley
Our folks don’t have no water ’cause our river has run dry
So I’ll follow my love and join in his song to mourn the death of the valley
[And green it lies no longer
Well now aint you glad that you live on top of that mountain]
For three long years we wandered alongside the empty river bed
and it wasn’t until that old man on the hill came down that our hopes were gone
And he said, “What is this song I hear faintly when I open my window
Don’t you know that while you were mourning the valley we were stowing away the rain all along?”
Now one by one my folks they grew weaker and my love was the last soul to go
So I climbed up that hill and I killed that old man I said, “Hell’s more dry than the valley!”
[And greed, greed it lies no longer
Well now aint you glad that you lived on top of that mountain]

In the year you started to forget how many you’d been alive we started dancing into the night
“It doesn’t matter,” you said, “I already feel like I’m trapped in an old man’s body but I’ll keep dancing if you’re by my side.”
[Don’t you know the world looks better when you’re spinning
The clocks don’t even move
My darling we’re just beginning to know what we’re to do]
It was here seas parted to reveal the absence of the tide, greater forces has been tested and tried
“Instead of players,” you said, “we rule the game measured by each other’s memories and while we’re dancing, we’ll never die.”
I recognize your face the best in starlight
You haven’t aged a day beneath it’s glow
I finally can catch my breath in starlight
It calms me down enough to take it slow

Now with you so far away your breaking heart fills my days
Every time I think of you it’s time to blame
Wish that I heard you say “Home will never be the same”
So now you lie wide awake in a place to stay
[And you can stay as long as you like but you might tire of that moonlight]
Dreams that used to build you up now they serve to break you down
They have all said goodbye with crooked miles and empty towns
They used to be drowning when your nowhere stories fell like rain
So now you run along the jimsonweed growing in the moons rays

While the Light Lasts (The Digging Song)
I dig my grave a little deeper each day, the ground is cold but I don’t mind
By the time I’m done I won’t feel cold no more
A monumental moon has passed and last I saw there were no graves beside mine
By the time I’m gone the moon will glow no more
[So I’ll use it up while the light lasts, let’s drink to that
This digging is a task that I never asked for but it’s nice to know
that my friends will go with a similar end]
I watch my hand rise to meet my eyes and wipe away the evidence of my soul
Feeling overwhelmed with living in this home
What do I know about keeping calm and breathing in just to breathe out again
As caretaker of a temple I find my temple alone


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