I love Albuquerque in the spring time…

Despite allergies and heat waves in April, there are a lot of great things happening in Albuquerque this spring. The Lemon Moon Project has finally been uploaded to bandcamp and plans for Session #2 are in the works. Wildewood is playing at the Cactus Tractor CD release this Saturday at Sister along with AJ Woods. We are back to Il Vicino Brewery on April 22- a place we know and love. Todd Howell from The Palace Flophouse sat in with us on fiddle at La Cumbre last weekend (he’s a great player, guys!). Our second full album is on it’s way as well. Alex wrote an article for Pyragraph about the process. Thanks for keeping up with everything, see you around town.



Drummer in NYC…


We do not have any shows for over a week, which feels like a very long break. In the meantime, with Greg going to amazing shows and spending quality time with his brother and sister in NYC, Alex played at AJ Woods’ tape release last night along with ABQ’s Javelina, Seattle’s Julie Byrne, and San Diego’s Labs at none other than Tortuga art gallery. Before Greg’s return he and I will catch some local shows, drink a toast to our drummer (who may or may not still have a wilde beard), and strike up the ol’ pen and paper.

Here’s to a sunset later than 7 PM… worth that hour that was stolen from us, I’d say.


Recording again:

Wildewood is recording our second album. Greg’s house is once again transformed into a studio and there is no place in this world more comfortable for me than what happens to that room when we hit the “record” button and start playing. The songs we have done so far are both old – meaning we have played them live for a year or so – and new – meaning we have only played them live once or twice. There are unfinished songs that will end up on the album as well as songs that do not exist yet, even in the slightest form. 2014 is a promising year for us here in Albuquerque with more shows, collaborations, and traveling. Just wanted to give a little update to let you know that we are working hard and going strong.

See you around town,


Albuquerque Sweet Albuquerque

Backstage at the Doug Fir Lounge

We have returned! And already played at one of our favorite venues in town, Il Vicino Brewery. It was so great to see familiar faces of family and friends as well as some new listeners. It was a very warm welcome home.

Opening for The Handsome Family was the best experience Greg, Alex, and I have ever had. All three of us felt like we were exactly where we should be- that the past three (three and a half, four) years we have been a band and all the hard work we put into it was finally paying off. With each new, potentially paralyzing situation in these bustling cities we were thrown into, we knew there were two people next to us experiencing the same thing and it was all going to be okay. The groove we established on the road proved that this is something we could have done twice as long and will definitely do again. Colorado, Arizona, the Midwest, the East coast, even Europe… these grand ideas do not seem too far off now.

At The Sunset in Seattle, I felt a quiet nervousness that I had not felt playing with Wildewood in a long time. There were a few friends there, but ultimately it was our first time playing for a room full of people who had no idea who we were. I wanted to play and sing better than ever before to show Seattle what we were made of and I know Alex and Greg felt the same way. We were tuned into each other like glue. After the show, I had my first experience at our “merch” table and happily sold a handful of our CDs to local Seattlites.

Wilde-Wood-at-The-Sunset-11-8-13-3-533x800                                                                                                  Wilde-Wood-at-The-Sunset-11-8-13-4Wilde-Wood-at-The-Sunset-11-8-13-2

Three weeks till the open road…


I want to take a few minutes to let everyone know how excited we are to leave Albuquerque for the Pacific Northwest in less than three weeks. We have all been attending and participating in some amazing shows around town the last few months and they have only instilled our love for New Mexico’s music scene. We will be gone for ten days– gotta get back to those day jobs! There are plenty of shows to catch before we leave and even a few days after we get back.

Friday, October 18 Back Alley Draft House 7:30 PM

Sunday, October 20 Sister Bar 7:00 PM w/ Rusty Maples and Nocturnal Company

Saturday, October 26 Cedar Park, TX 11:00 – 2:00 PM ”Fall Festival” for The Ranch at Brushy Creek

Friday, November 1 Saltine Ramblers 9-year reunion


We will try our best to keep up with everyone while we are gone because we want to share our experience with you! See you at local shows till then : )


The Pacific Northwest

I’m going to try to contain my excitement and not use too many exclamation points (for you, Alex) because Wildewood has some great news.

handsome family

This fall we will not only be traveling to Austin, TX in October, we will also be making our way to Washington, Oregon, and California in November to open for The Handsome Family for four of their USA tour dates.  It is such an honor to be included in this tour and although we are going to try and prepare the best we can, we understand touring is the kind of thing a band’s got to experience on their own before they really know what it’s like. Travel plans are already taking place and when I start to think about it for too long, my nerves start kicking in! If you know anyone in the Pacific Northwest, let them know there are some ABQ locals coming through : )

corrales growers market1

We have a lot of local shows in the meantime as well- hopefully we will see you there!


Post-CD Release

THANK YOU to everyone who was there for our CD release weekend. That was the highlight of our first two years as a band. We didn’t make the liner notes in time to put them in the CD cases, but here they are!Image



Since the release, we played our first set at the Road to Rich’s Tie Dye Festival. The Saltine Ramblers fed us the entire weekend and we are already looking forward to going back next year. We will play our first weekend in Austin this October. Still in the planning stages! We were featured on KUNM 89.9 (“Diamonds” and “Song of the Valley”) and will hopefully have an interview aired in July. 


Looking foward to getting the CD played in more cars and homes  :)