Taos and the open road…

Wildewood’s trip to Taos was worth the miles and the minutes! We had such a great experience at the Taos Mesa Brewing Co. Nice people, good sound, beautiful stage… Safe to say, we hope we can return soon. This state of ours has some great venues and we plan to make it around New Mexico before too long. Thank you to Melinda for being the band mom (as usual) and our families for letting us follow the dream to make this lifestyle work. It was nice to spread our wings for a bit, and now we’re back to writing, rehearsing, and playing shows in Albuquerque.


Livin’ the life…     -M

taos mesa

It’s been a crazy few weeks here in Albuquerque- three shows this upcoming weekend (just like the last two weekends)! This weekend, however, will be slightly different than most.

Thursday night at Scalo, a regular gig, we will be sharing the set with traveling musician Mike Clark.

Friday night we’ll be in Taos, NM for the first time playing at the Taos Mesa Brewing Co.

Saturday, to top off the already incredible string of shows, we will be a part of the Texas Independence Day Party at the Albuquerque Press Club. “Proceeds will go to Casa Esperanza in honor of John Eric Johnson. Eric played, attended and supported every single Texas Party at the Press Club. The years of music at these events could never have happened without Eric’s selflessness, effort, generosity, talent or goodness. Cheers to Eric & to Evil Roy Slade!”

At the Texas Party, we will be on the bill with other bands including the Saltine Ramblers, Next Three Miles, Edith Grove, Big Sad Guy, and The Handsome Family! We are thrilled, to say the least.

Meanwhile, tracks for our first album are being mixed and we have some new ideas for shows this spring!

Hope you can make it to one of the shows this weekend. If not, keep a look out for the album and new events on our schedule!


Any day now…

The first several weeks of 2013 have been great for Wildewood. We’ve been able to play a few shows but most of all, we’ve been recording tracks for our first full album which will be released in February/March. It’s been incredible but has also reminded us how much we love playing live. There are 13 tracks in the making, all original and all new– for the recorded world, at least.

In addition to the full album, we’re excited for what’s to come (any day now): our first show outside of Albuquerque/Santa Fe area which will be at the Taos Mesa Brewing Co. , collaborating with artists such as Kate Burn, photographer, and Richard Perce, mixed media, playing with our fellow musicians including Russell Pyle & The Safety Committee, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, The Saltine Ramblers, Sean Lucy & Family, Next Three Miles, and more. It’s a blessing to live in Albuquerque where the music scene is alive and growing.

Thank you to those who listen to our songs, come to shows, or just give us a nice hello.

ABQ Magazine “Best of 2012”

Folks, Wildewood has officially been a band for one year. To those of you who have come to our shows or spread the word about our music, thank you! Now is another chance for us to represent Albuquerque with the help of friends, family, and listeners.

For multiple opportunities to be recognized, fill out the ABQ Best of 2012 survey with Best Band: Wildewood, Best Musician: Alex McMahon/Greg Williams, and Best Female Vocalist: Meredith Wilder

Voting ends September 1, we will find out if we made the pages of the magazine in December!




UPDATE: Meredith Wilder was voted one of the top 6 female vocalists of Albuquerque! Thank you for voting.